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What we do


Bonded abrasives
Resinoid and vitrified bonded grinding wheels and segments
Honing and superfinishing stones
Regulating rubber bonded wheels for centreless grinding
Mounted points

Superabrasives (CBN and Diamond)
Resinoid bonded grinding wheels
Metal bonded grinding wheels
Vitrified bonded grinding wheels
Electroplated grinding wheels
Diamond dressers





Aeronautic industry, Aerospace industry, Automotive industry, Railway industry, Motor industry, Shipyards, Metal working industry, Mechanical industry, Power industry, Mining industry, Oil industry, Food industry, Paper industry, Textile industry, Building industry, Leather industry, Sanitary industry.




Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Iron, Cast iron, Iron based metals, Tungsten carbide, Sintered materials, Titanium, Aluminium, Inconel, Bronze, Alloys, Brass, Pewter, Non iron based metals, Fibreglass, Wood, Stone and marble, Plastic, Composites, PCD.





Precision grinding, Cylindrical grinding, Surface grinding, Internal grinding, Centerless grinding, Creep feed grinding, Carbide tool grinding, Crankshaft grinding, Camshaft grinding, Sharpening, profiling and shaping, Honing, superfinishing and lapping.



molemab is proud of its work and its values and retains them with passion and integrity.


More about us

Who we are


molemab is an Italian industrial group which has an extensive international presence while remaining deeply rooted in the local area.


Our Vision


molemab aspires to a well-distributed and sustainable technological progress, respecting human dignity and the environment.


Our Mission


molemab designs modern and efficient technological solutions in the abrasives field. The company’s goal is to offer its customers the confidence to work with the most reliable products.


Our Values


Since molemab started its activity, the world has changed and so too have the markets, the manufacturing process, the materials and the technological challenges. molemab values still remain the same: innovation, safety, quality and strong collaboration with customers and suppliers.


Since its foundation molemab has strived for constant improvement. Original patents, unique and custom made equipment and the most modern solutions have always characterized molemab history. molemab takes on the most difficult challenges: onventional wheels for the toughest applications and special superabrasive wheels reaching almost the speed of sound.


molemab aim to guarantee its customers and partners the safest working conditions and environment. molemab applies the strictest safety rules on work making accurate security tests in its laboratories.


The certifications achieved by molemab in all the production facilities are the result of constant research. molemab quality is granted by meticulous production controls together with the continuous improvement of its technicians’ skills and a scrupulous analysis of the market requirements.


Sharing experiences between the manufacturer and the enduser leads to the best results. The feedback exchange and dialogue are the two pillars which molemab’s success is based on. Sharing ideas, ambitions and problems with our partners while keeping an eye on market evolution and dynamics is the key to step by step growth.


Our Strenght


molemab finds its roots in the heritage of its territory: the passion for work, the moral coherence and concreteness. With its endless research for the best products, machinery and raw materials, and thanks to the ability of its employees, molemab has been able to build a strong and solid business history.
A continuous, harmonious growth with its customers, partners and suppliers remains the main goal for molemab in Italy and worldwide. molemab is proud of its work and its values and retains them with passion and integrity


Our Capabilities

Aeronautic industry 75%
Automotive industry 95%
Railway industry 85%
Motor industry 80%
Shipyards 60%
Mechanical industry 50%




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What our clients say about us

  • "I’ve purchased many products from molemab searching for the perfect one only to be disappointed, thankfully after wasting a fair amount of money I have found my paradise here. To top it all off the support from molemab is amazing, infact i’m not sure how they get anything else done."
  • “Just a note on how wonderful working with molemab is! If you are thinking of purchasing, I’d say do it! The flexibility is awesome and the possibilities are endless. EXCELLENT support with setting things up and answering questions that I had"



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