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Vitrified Superabrasives

Years of experience have enabled Molemab to become one of the leading  manufacturers of Vitrified CBN and Diamond grinding wheels. The success of this product is the result of continuous intensive research into the de­velopment of bond systems tailor made to suit individual superabrasive grits. This includes very tough blocky CBN grits, friable lower fracture strength CBN grits or the equivalent Diamond grits. Also the development of a variety of porosity systems, which can be chosen depending on the superabrasive grit used and the material being ground, has been an important factor to the success of the product.

Cubic Boron Nitride

Cubic Boron Nitride, the second hardest known material, is synthesised from hexagonal Boron Nitride under high pressures and temperatures. Compared to conventional grits CBN is superior in  the key requirements of an abrasive grit, including hardness, resistance to thermal and chemical attack, maintenance of sharp cutting edges and good thermal conductivity. Today an improved choice of high quality CBN grits is available and it is the ability of the wheel producer to match correctly the important grit attributes eg. crystal strength, particle shape and morphology to the application in question, which can give that extra advantage over competitors. The same principle applies to diamond grits where the majority of grits used in Vitrified Diamond products are synthetically manufactured because their superior abrasive properties.