Elite certification for molemab

Elite Certification for molemab, leader in the production of abrasive wheels

This award opens up new interesting prospects for the company  

molemab has got the Elite certification, after a particularly intense three-year period, overcoming successfully the strict steps foreseen by the path of the company of Borsa Italiana, by acquiring the award for the excellence reached, a prerequisite for obtaining the maximum value, by consolidating the organization and quality standards of the company encouraging their growth.

molemab Spa – comments the Managing Director Ezio Maiolini – considers this prestigious result as a useful intensification to reach the growth goals set in the recent period. Besides, the acquired certification will help us offer outside greater transparency regarding the performance of our group”.

The Managing Director of molemab does not exclude the hypothesis of further development of the company through shareholdings or acquisitions of other companies of the sector. A growth path  favoured by joining Elite, that has also allowed widening the concern vision and the growth of the directors and executive cadres who  –  contributing to the growth of the absolute value of the company – have also seen the implementation of theirs.

molemab has joined the Elite Project and believed in it, in order to structure the company at best, by equipping it for new challenges, thanks also to the knowledge of the evolution regarding the entrepreneurial and financing world, and by fostering the training of all staff, first brick to build the growth.