Molemab satisfies the needs of the automotive industry providing wheels for production of cam and crankshafts, arbors, valves, bearings, fuel injection systems, compressor components, gear boxes, CV joints and many other automotive components.


Molemab products are supplied for various high precision grinding applications such as production of turbine blades, fasteners and many other components. Our wheels ensure excellent profile keeping, free and fast grinding action.


Molemab products can work even in the most difficult conditions, with high moisture and low temperatures, so they are the best solution for cutting and maintenance of rails, reducing the time requested for every operation.


Molemab products are ideal for applications such as snagging and finishing of weld beads, and the abrasive tools in our catalogue are perfect to remove rust and crusts from any surface.

Gear grinding

The precision needed for gears production is the ideal field to show the quality and performance of Molemab wheels, both in roughing and finishing.


In the medical field Molemab provides wheels for the production of prosthesis made of titanium and other materials. Molemab supports the medical field and shares with it the propensity to research and technological innovation.

Cutting Tools

The quality of wheels produced by Molemab makes them the perfect choice for manufacturing and resharpening various types of tools such as end mills, twist drills, milling cutters, blades and many others.

Agriculture and forestry

Molemab has got a long experience also in agricultural and forest industry, providing the best wheels for the different applications in these fields.

Food sector

Our grinding and sharpening wheels are being used to ensure high efficiency of industrial blades and knives for food processing.