Cutting and grinding discs

Molemab products range includes also cut-off and grinding discs in different qualities
for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and non ferrous metals.
The range is completed by flap discs and wheels and other products suitable for surface finishing.

Cut-off and grinding discs

Molemab cut-off and grinding discs are suitable for many different applications. Flat cutting discs are used on fix and portable machines, depressed centre grinding discs are used on hand portable grinders. Four different ranges are available for different applications and working conditions:
  • GEO: general purpose for professional use. They are the perfect balance for fast cut, high stock removal and life time, reducing the costs.
  • CRONO: high performances for professional use. Very fast cut and stock removal combined with long life time. These discs do not contain iron oxide, sulphur and chlorine. They are suitable for stainless and high alloyed steel, where it’s requested the non contamination and non oxidation of the metal.
  • URANO: top quality products for high professional use in foundries, steel factories, pipe mills, oil and gas pipelines, big metal and railway constructions. Made with the highest quality raw materials which provide the best cutting ability.
  • CRIO: standard range for sales in hardware stores and large distribution. They are a good compromise between cheap cost and good performances, always fully respecting the safety rules.

Flap discs and wheels

Molemab flap wheels and discs are suitable for grinding with angle and axial machines. Depending on the application wheels and discs may have different shapes and bodies. They can be flat or tapered with fibreglass backing and flat with plastic or reinforced nylon backing.

Resinoid, metal and hybrid bonded DIA/CBN wheels

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Mounted points and carbide burrs

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