Mounted points and carbide burrs

Molemab offers a wide range of abrasive tools for grinding and surface finishing.
They are available in many shapes and sizes, different abrasive types and grit size and top performing bonds.
We can also profide special taylor made products designed according to customers’ needs.

Mounted points and wheels

Molemab produces mounted points and wheels for snagging and grinding steel, cast iron and stainless steel:
  • Shape: wheels can be cylindrical or shaped with shank diameter 6 mm o 3 mm;
  • Abrasive: pink aluminium oxide for general purpose on different types of steel, special mix f grey and pink aluminium oxide for casting and foundries;
  • Bond: vitrified or resinoid.

Carbide burrs

Molemab can provide special carbide burrs designed to make snagging and surface finishing easier. Thanks to the wide range of sizes, shapes and types they can be used for finishing surfaces and profiles, snagging and remove bead welding. The peculiar advantages of Molemab carbide burrs are the fast stock removal, the excellent surface finishing, the low vibrations level generated while working and the effective chip clearance.

Cutting and grinding discs

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