Surface grinding wheels

Surface grinding is made on flat surfaces, with continuous or interrupted cut
by precision surface grinding machines with horizontal or vertical spindle and traverse or rotating tables.

Straight wheels for surface grinding machines with horizontal spindle

Grinding wheels for surface grinding machines with horizontal spindle are suitable to work on a wide range of different materials, among them soft steels, treated, tempered and high alloyed. Our proposals can be different in sizes and specifications, to offer the best performances in any specific application.

Rings or cylindrical cup wheels

Rings and cylindrical cup wheels are suitable for use on surface grinding machines with vertical spindle and can be used both dry or with coolant.

Abrasive segments for surface grinding

Thanks to the special porous structure and the different mix of abrasives Molemab abrasive segments assure high performances when grinding any type of material: steel, cast iron or any other. Upon customer’s request we can produce abrasive segments with many different shapes and specifications, both resin or vitrified bonded.

Filtering non-woven rolls

Special non-woven tissue rolls for filtering the coolant emulsion of water and oil.

Mounted points and carbide burrs

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Cylindrical grinding (O.D.) grinding wheels

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