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The philosophy of the Titan-X line revolves around innovation, technology, and excellence in the field of manufacturing and machining solutions.

The Titan-X line is the new line of vitrified CBN wheels that offers extraordinary versatility and resistance. A specially developed vitrified bond formulation has resulted in this unique product. These wheels offer outstanding wear resistance and a much longer profile holding than traditional wheels.

The Titan-X grinding wheels are ideal for working hard alloys, hardened and case-hardened steels, cast iron, and other complex metal alloys normally based on nickel, chromium, and molybdenum.

The Titan-X line is designed to offer superior performance in the grinding process with greater efficiency and accuracy, even in difficult working conditions, such as in plunge grinding processes.

With Titan-X line we are proud to be able to offer our customers an innovative, cutting-edge product that will help achieve production goals. These wheels are designed to reduce machining time and cost, as well as to provide a reliable grinding solution.

Easy dressing: the Titan-X line wheels are designed to be dressed with or without the use of a rotary dressing disk, so a static diamond or CVD tool can also easily be used for the dressing operation.

Use: The Titan-X line wheels are specifically designed to operate at peripheral speeds like traditional wheels, maintaining their efficiency and performance; this allows them to generate less heat and friction during the grinding process, which can help reduce the risk of damage or distortion of the workpiece.

Savings: The Titan-X line wheels can also offer increased diamond tool life and increased operating efficiency, making them a convenient choice in many industrial grinding applications.

Machine: The Titan-X line grinding wheel does not require a high-speed spindle; you can use it with a common CNC grinding machine that has a standard spindle speed (35<50m/s).

The Titan-X line wheels can be designed for Surface, External grinding, and ID (internal grinding), always consult our technical department to verify the feasibility or possible alternatives.