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Molemab Group is an Italian leading manufacturer of high quality grinding wheels: conventional and superabrasives (Diamond and CBN). The head office is located in Ome, province of Brescia, in the Franciacorta winegrowing area of Northern Italy. This is the main factory, where the conventional and superabrasive vitrified bonded wheels are produced. The presence of Molemab worldwide has been spreading throughout the years thanks to its growing potential and market demand of Hi-Tech products. Molemab Inotech GmbH is located in Launsdorf (Carintia region, Austria). This is an advanced factory specialized in the production of resinoid and metal bonded diamond and CBN wheels. In addition to the production facilities Molemab has various commercial branches. They follow customers everywhere in the world providing technical and commercial support. For the European market we have subsidiaries in Spain (Molemab Iberica, Barcelona), in France (Molemab Super-Abrasifs France, Chassieu, France), in Germany (Molemab GmbH, Siegburg, Germany) and in Hungary (Molemab Abrasives Ungheria kft, Budapest, Hungary). In the USA we have one commercial branch (Molemab USA Corp., Queensbury, NY) and one production facility for vitrified diamond and CBN (Molemab USA Corp., Oswego, IL). Molemab Canada is in Saint Julie, QC, near Montreal, and Molemab Mexico is in Queretaro. In China we have Molemab China, which is located in Suzhou. However we have an important network of qualified agents and distributors also in many other countries and we can reach our customers wherever they are.


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