Production of grinding wheels and discs

The importance of raw materials

Our materials

One of the Molemab strongest points is the ability to offer the best product for any application, studying the real needs of every customer. This approach has given the possibility to develop a wide range of different qualities and specifications, tailor designed on the customers’ needs. The perfect grinding wheel is made selecting the right raw materials choosing those with the best cutting ability, grit size, structure, porosity and bond.


Molemab offers a wide range of abrasives for any specific customer’s need. Our production range includes wheels for precision grinding, for sharpening and snagging, ring wheels, mounted points and wheels, honing stones, cut-off and grinding discs, diamond and CBN tools, diamond dressing tools and many other products.

Ampia gamma di abrasivi per esigenze diverse - Molemab Spa


Molemab designs and develops special bonds which let any abrasive work in the best conditions, both for conventional abrasives and for superabrasives (CBN and diamond in different qualities), according to the specific application.

Molemab Spa ricerca e sviluppa leganti per qualsiasi tipo di abrasivo

Diamond and CBN

The vitrified, resin, metal or hybrid bonded diamond wheels represent a development of the research in superabrasives and are used always more in many different applications: different precision grinding operations, cutting tools production, tool sharpening and many others.

The CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) hardness is just lower than the diamond. Compared to conventional abrasives CBN has many advantages in terms of hardness, chemical and thermal resistance, shape holding and thermal conductivity.

Mole in diamante e CBN Molemab Spa