Research and Development

Constant innovation and updating

Research and Development

Molemab is continuously investing in research and development to improve the performances of its grinding wheels, to always match better customers’ needs, starting with studying the main raw materials used in grinding wheels production: bonds and conventional abrasives and superabrasives (Diamond and CBN).

Concerning bonds, Molemab has developed its own recipes, self-producing them and searching new solutions, testing the performances of each bond according to the abrasive to be combined with.

Molemab Spa investe costantemente in ricerca e sviluppo
Mole abrasive con corpi in fibra di carbonio - Molemab Spa

Therefore, the research and development carried out on bonds in its laboratory enables Molemab not to be dependent on external sources or suppliers and to improve the bonds features daily. These are produced inside the Company inner laboratory, where the Molemab technicians work to better the bonds performances related to the different types of abrasive, based on the specific process needs for which the moles are commissioned.

Moreover, in its research and development laboratories Molemab produces, starting from the rolls, Carbon Fibre bodies used for our new generation of vitrified CBN wheels.