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MOLEMAB launches its latest product on the market: ETERNA. It is a completely new grinding wheel, made with innovative materials and respecting the environment. Developed entirely by Molemab Inotech, this product has been christened with the name “ETERNA” to emphasize the characteristic of high durability compared to the market. “Its name is derived precisely from the desire to emphasize its characteristics, from Austrian development, starting from Italian origin.” Fabio De Pretto, CEO of Molemab Inotech, underlines.

“It is a grinding wheel designed to machine circular blades in HSS. The acronym stands for “High Speed Steel” and identifies a particularly resistant type of steel that is used for the construction of tools and molds. It was therefore necessary to propose an equally durable and resistant material, recommended for all numerically computerized (CNC) machines with emulsion or oil refrigerant. De Pretto continues. “After months of testing and analysis, we were able to create the grinding wheel that would meet our needs and those of our customers. We started from our flagship products AB34 and AB35 to develop a new idea that could take the place of these two products that have always been a great success. These items will remain available for the next few years, but they will be progressively replaced by ETERNA.”

This is the decision of the company, which launches ETERNA also with a very specific purpose: to abolish the use of cobalt in its abrasives, in compliance with the regulations of the European Commission. By the two-year period 2022/2023, in fact, the Commission requires companies that source this material, to abolish it from their processing, to undertake an ethical path towards the extractor countries of this material. A theme that of sustainability, increasingly central for the Italian and Austrian company that has also launched other initiatives aimed at protecting the environment.

ETERNA promises to be the flagship product for 2021, thanks to its high performance and sustainability.